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The mission of the Lamb County Junior Livestock Show is to encourage positive and competitive exhibition of quality livestock for active FFA and 4-H members residing in Lamb County.



The Lamb County Junior Livestock Show is held annually for active 4-H and FFA members across Lamb County. Awards are designed for honor and recognition of excellence in feeding, fitting, and showmanship of cattle, goats, sheep, and swine. No premium auction is associated with this show.


The Lamb County Livestock Show’s rules, regulations, and operations are governed by a Board of Directors representing Amherst, Littlefield, Olton, Springlake-Earth, and Sudan. Each community listed is represented with an FFA chapter and any may be represented with 4-H clubs. In addition to the voting Board of Directors, the Ag Science Teachers (AST) and the County Extension Agent – Ag (CEA-Ag) are also voting members representing each community and the county.

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