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In addition to the General Rules, Exhibitors of market steers must also comply with the following division specific rules:


  1. Exhibitors are limited to five (5) entries.

  2. The minimum weight limit is 800 pounds. There is no maximum weight limit.

  3. Exhibitors are responsible for reporting to the official weigh-in with their steer entry(ies) as conducted by the cattle Superintendent beginning at 5:00 and no later than 6:00 p.m. on Friday.

  4. Steers will be assigned to classes as equally as possible by weight within breed divisions.

  5. The breed divisions and show order will be as follows: American, followed by British, followed by Exotic.

  6. Steers must be halter broke.

  7.  No paint may be used except on the tail and below the knee and hock.

  8. The use of adhesive is prohibited.

  9. The steer show will follow the heifer show on Saturday.

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