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All exhibitors and their livestock are subject to the control and direction of the Show officials. The Show reserves to its Executive Committee, the final and  absolute right to interpret all Show rules and regulations and to arbitrate and determine all matters, questions, and differences in regard thereto, otherwise arising out of or connected with, or incidents to the Show and right to amend or add to these rules as its judgement may determine. Exhibitors who violate any of the rules will forfeit all privileges and will be subject to such penalties as the Executive Committee may order. All decisions of Show Officials are final. Neither the Show nor its Directors or Officials will be in any way responsible for any loss or damage that may occur. UNDER TEXAS LAW (CHAPTER 87, CIVIL PRACTICE AND REMEDIES CODE), A LIVESTOCK SHOW SPONSOR IS NOT LIABLE FOR AN INJURY TO OR THE DEATH OF A PARTICIPANT IN A LIVESTOCK SHOW RESULTING FROM THE INHERENT RISKS OF LIVESTOCK SHOW ACTIVITIES.



The Show will be on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday on the week preceding the Littlefield Area Livestock Show. Thus, it is typically on the first or second weekend in January. All animals must be in place no later than 4:30 p.m. on Friday.



All ownership of lambs, goats, swine, steers, and heifers must be in accordance with the Lamb County and State Validation guidelines for each specie as coordinated by the AST’s and the CEA-AG. Beef heifers must owned and in possession of the owner no later than November 1 with registration as appropriate. For purposes of entry cards, weight cards, and any other official documentation where livestock are identified, all documentation representing individual animals must be numbered in accordance with their Lamb County or State Validation tags.



All Exhibitors must be enrolled in a public or home school in Lamb County, must be active members of an FFA chapter in Amherst, Littlefield, Olton, Springlake-Earth or Sudan or must be an active member of the Lamb County 4-H. The minimum age for Exhibitors is nine (9) years old or eight (8) years old and in the third (3rd) grade. Exhibitors must be academically eligible in accordance with their school’s criteria to participate in extracurricular events to be eligible for participation in the Show. In most cases, an Exhibitor who receives a grade below 70 in any academic class is ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities, including the Show, for at least three weeks. The eligibility determination of the school within which the Exhibitor is enrolled will be honored by the Show. Livestock eligibility for entry and exhibition in the Show is dependent upon Lamb County / State Validation and academic eligibility of the Exhibitor. All goats, lambs, swine, and breeding and beef cattle must be validated in Lamb County to be eligible for participation. Academic ineligibility of the Exhibitor deems the Exhibitor’s livestock ineligible, with no expectation for entry fee refund. No substitute Exhibitor may be assigned to show an animal ruled ineligible to show due to its owner’s academic ineligibility.



Eligible livestock entries must be accompanied by fees of $15.00 for all species no later than the first Monday in December at 5:00 p.m. in the Lamb County AgriLife Extension office. A $10.00 late fee will be assessed in cash for all entries received after January 2, or the first ensuing business day in years when January 2 is on a weekend. The fees for FFA chapters and the Lamb County 4-H are $75.00 and $150.00 respectively. BY ENTERING THE SHOW, EXHIBITORS AND THEIR PARENTS/GUARDIANS ARE VOLUNTARILY CONSENTING TO THE USE OF PHOTOS, VIDEO, AND AUDIO RECORDINGS OF THE EXHIBITOR'S IMAGE OR LIKENESS FOR USE ON THE SHOW'S WEBSITE, FACEBOOK PAGE OR OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS, NEWSLETTERS, AND PUBLICATIONS, AS WELL AS FOR SHARING WITH THE LOCAL NEWS MEDIA.



Stalls and chute space for cattle, and pens for all other species will be assigned prior to arrival of livestock based on the number of entries received; assignments will be made by the Superintendents of each division by community and not separated by 4-H and FFA association. Each Exhibitor is responsible for the care of his/her animal(s) and cleanliness of his/her assigned stalls and/or pens.



The judging of all species will occur on Saturday of the Show. Eligible Exhibitors are responsible for getting their livestock entries to the show ring on time and showing their own animals. Any person eligible to show may assist. No one other than the Exhibitor, Judge, and Show Officials are allowed in the show ring during judging. First place winners from each class within a breed or division will compete for breed or division champion. The 2nd place animal from the class or division within which the breed or division champion is selected will then enter the show ring to represent the class or division from which the breed champion was selected in competition for the reserve breed champion. Likewise, all breed and division champions will compete for grand champion and the reserve breed champion from the breed or division from which the grand champion was selected will enter the show ring to represent the breed or division from which the grand champion was selected in competition for the reserve grand champion. Showmanship will be judged during the show; there will be no separate showmanship classes, nor divisions among junior and senior showmen.



Ribbons will be awarded to Exhibitors of animals placing 1st through 5th, and participant ribbons will be awarded to Exhibitors placing below 5th. Exhibitors of breed and reserve breed champions will receive rosettes. Exhibitors of grand and reserve grand champion animals will receive belt buckles. Buckles will be awarded to showmanship winners in the goat, lamb, swine and beef cattle (steers and heifers combined) and dairy divisions.



Livestock will be released at the conclusion of their respective shows. However, disruption of the next show is not permitted, thus loading is restricted to the back (east) door of the barn for goats and lambs and the back door in the northeast corner of the barn for swine. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of awards and will jeopardize future participation in the Show.


The Show will not tolerate unethical conduct or actions on the part of the Exhibitors or their friends, relatives, representatives, or supervisors. The showing of unethically fitted livestock or livestock of any ineligible age for the class entered is prohibited. Unethical fitting will be deemed to consist of any method of altering the natural conformation of any part of the animal’s body. If any Exhibitor, whether in person or by representative, in any way interferes with a Show Official, shows disrespect to a Show Official, or commits an illegal or unethical act prior to, during, or after the Show, the Executive Committee and/or the Show Board may exclude the Exhibitor from further competition in the current and/or subsequent livestock shows, may withhold any prizes that may have been awarded, or may take any other disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee and/or the Show Board.

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